With the email forwarding enabled for a given address, all incoming e-mail messages will be forwarded to a third-party address you have selected even though the latter will not be in the list of recipients and the email sender will not be informed where their e-mail will go. Feel free to use such a function if you have numerous email addresses since it will be easier to receive all of the incoming e-mails in just a single email address rather than signing in and out of numerous ones all the time or setting up a variety of mailboxes within an email client. If you have a business or an enterprise, the email forwarding is a way to check out all emails obtained by various departments for better coordination. You could also use this function the opposite way round - a message sent to a general mailbox can be forwarded to several people.

E-mail Forwarding in Shared Hosting

It is simple to configure forwarding for every email address configured in a shared hosting account from us. This can be done either when you create a brand new email address using your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, or any time in the future since the forwarding may be activated and deactivated for every existing mailbox with just a couple of clicks. It is also possible to decide if a backup of the incoming emails will be maintained on our servers, which is a really helpful feature. This will be a fail-safe if the remote mailbox is not accessible for whatever reason, not mentioning you will have always a copy of all emails. If this feature is not enabled for a given e-mail on our end, an incoming e-mail will be received and sent forward, so absolutely no record of it will remain on the server. When the remote email address is inaccessible temporarily, you'll lose this e-mail.